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Celebrating Friendships
for Centuries



Do you remember this ad?

This Qantas advertising campaign from the 80's was very successful in encapsulating the 'Spirit of Australia', and for those who have worked for the airline, you will know what we mean - It's our spirit.

a "Noble Endeavour"

Red Tail Reunions is the celebration of ‘us in Qantas’, acknowledging our contribution to the airline and aviation industry worldwide – and remembering the life-long friendships that we forged during the best, fun times of our working careers.

As our very distinguished Worldwide Patron - John Fysh, son of Hudson Fysh - points out in his acceptance letter  - "And, what a worthy cause it is to remember all the many men and women who made the work of Qantas such a - what I like to call - Noble Endeavour".

This site is dedicated to all of the staff who have helped make Qantas great with this 'Noble Endeavour'.


Red Tail Reunions is an initiative that has been actively reuniting former Qantas staff through a series of Reunion events around Australia and overseas.

Founded in 2015, the initiative originally known as Red Tail Road to 100 was developed by four former Qantas staff members, Brian Wild, Jim Eames, Max Hill and Rafael Toda, who formed the Foundation Committee with Worldwide Patron John Hudson Fysh.


Their objective was to recognise the contribution made by former Qantas Staff to the Airline’s Centenary Milestone.


During the Qantas Centenary Year, Red Tail Members commemorated the occasion by travelling to Longreach and Winton to celebrate their contribution to the Airlie’s Milestone achievement at the Qantas Founders Museum Airpark. The occasion coincided with Anzac Day celebrations at Longreach and Winton, and Red Tail Members along with current Qantas executives lead by CEO Alan Joyce acknowledged former and current work colleagues who also served in the armed forces, commencing with our three Qantas founders Sir Hudson Fysh, Sir Fergus McMaster and Paul McGinness in World War 1.


At the conclusion of the Centenary Celebrations, the Red Tail team has new objectives and initiatives. Today we are known as Red Tail Reunions. We are a Private Limited Company, dedicated to assisting Members to access suitable services, and ensuring they have the appropriate care for their well-being during their later stages of life.


A newly created Board has taken over the role of the Foundation Committee and continues to enhance the strategy plan to support the Chapters, each of which hosts a series of Reunion events, ensuring the Members maintain continuity of friendships which dates back decades earlier from when they first joined the Airline.

Each National and International Chapter continues to have a Patron, Reunion Director and Event Committee. The Board assists by setting the parameters for each of the Reunions, develops the programs as well as co-ordinates and endorses activities and other state-based initiatives that are proposed by each of the Chapters.

In addition to the social aspect of the objective, we also want to ensure that our former Qantas colleagues, have a platform where they can interact with other former colleagues and seek assistance through the Company’s support network that is designed to guide them, whether that be in relation to re-employment, technology, or welfare challenges.


Red Tail Reunions is affiliated with RUonQ, a Not for Profit Charity organisation conceived by the Red Tail Founders and dedicated to assisting former Qantas staff and families during their times of need. The RUonQ Charity is supported by Qantas and a number of other external companies who are able to provide essential services to our Member base. Click here to find out more about RUonQ.  

About Us



Over 250 guests including Qantas Executive and members of the Longreach and Winton communities join Red Tailers from around Australia to celebrate the Qantas Centenary.
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