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Julian (Pont) Hercus


DCEO Commercial



Home City:


Date of Passing:


Julian Hercus joined Qantas on 05 January 1966 as a Junior Commercial Trainee (JCT)

Julian attended North Sydney Boys High School and achieved his Leaving Certificate in 1964, as well as being School Captain in that year. He proceeded to full time University in 1965, before deciding to continue part time when joining Qantas as a Junior Commercial Trainee in 1966.

He gained valuable experience with postings to Athens, London and America. Subsequently held senior Executive positions in Sydney as Director of Marketing Planning and then Director of Corporate Planning.

In 1989, at the age of 42, John Ward (CEO) appointed him as Deputy Chief Executive (Commercial), the position he held until his departure from Qantas in 1994.

A note from John Ward:

Shortly after I became MD & CEO of Qantas in 1989 I appointed Julian to the position of Deputy Chief Executive Commercial, a role he continued to hold following my departure in late 1993.

We had known each other as colleagues and friends for many years during which I was always impressed with his business insight and candour. This proved to be one of my better decisions as he was highly successful in this role pioneering many commercial and route development initiatives notably including the Qantas Frequent Flyer Programme which is today known as Qantas Loyalty and is a mainstay of the airline’s profitability.

Moreover, he could always be relied on to let me know when he believed I was wrong, why and what a better course of action might be. That led to the development of a close working relationship characterised by mutual respect and trust. I will always miss his drive, counsel and friendship, it has been an honour to have known him.

He was a good man!

John Ward
MD & CEO (1989 – 1993)
Qantas Airways

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