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Ted Fitch Bio

Ted joined Qantas Empire Airways in August 1946 as a Junior Traffic Officer at the age of 16.
He held many positions during his 46 years with Qantas which included the following;

OIC New Guinea Cargo Cargo Terminal Systems Manager
Cargo Systems and Training Supervisor Special Cargo Handling Projects Manager
Cargo Procedures Supervisor Cargo & Ramp Systems Manager
Cargo Services Administration Superintendent Cargo Services & Training Manager
Cargo Services Inspector Cargo Standards Manager
Cargo Procedures Development Manager Cargo Systems Adviser
The final position Ted held was Manager Cargo Services.

During Ted’s many years of travelling, he met some very interesting people;
The Australian Treasurer at the time Mr Billy Sneddon,
The fabled Linda ‘Deep Throat’ Lovelace,
Mohammed Ali,
Brooke Shields,
Peter Abeles,
NRN Prince Edward,
Stefan Edberg,
Roger Moore,
The Rolling Stones,
Peter Ustinov and
Bridget Bardot, just to name a few.
For some years Ted was the Chairman of a group responsible for regulating the carriage of dangerous goods. It was originally called the Restricted Articles Board which we all know was later changed to the IATA Dangerous Goods Board.
Ted’s involvement with the various IATA committees and Boards lasted nearly 30 years which did not end with the dangerous goods board, he later became involved with the IATA Cargo Systems and Procedures Committee.
When Ted retired on the 16th June 1989, he was a member of IATA Cargo Services Conference, so they elected him as vice-chairman, a role he filled until 1994.
Ted had a very distinguished career in Qantas, but we all remember Ted as a very knowledgeable member of the Australia Dangerous Goods Air Transport Council.
Ted did not stand for any crap and never mixed his words, he would speak his mind and said what he thought. Ted was always right in what he said.
Ted unfortunately passed away in Cairns on 17th March 2015.
Ted will always be in our hearts and he will always be remembered as a Dangerous Goods Champion.
R.I P. Ted.

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