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Barry Barlow





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I have been advised by Barry's son Robert, that his father died in Brisbane on the evening of Friday 23 June 2023 having suffered for a number of years from dementia.
He was 86. There was a private funeral.

Barry moved to Brisbane some years ago to be nearer to his daughter Caroline.

Barry was posted to CBR in about 1963 as Chief Booking Officer and then became Sale Manager I believe in the early '70s. In the mid to late '70s Barry was moved to Route Marketing Sydney. He retired from Qantas, I'm guessing in the early '80s and established a very successful newsagency in Burwood Road, Burwood. Barry then retired to the Central Coast and when that became too busy (his words) he moved to South West Rocks, then Port Macquarie (medical reasons) before his move to Brisbane.
He lost his wife Brenda when they lived at Arakoon South West Rocks.
He is survived by his daughter Caroline and son Robert.

David Fisher

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