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Chris Palmer


Sales/ Marketing



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Date of Passing:


Chris started his career at Qantas as an accounts trainee then moved to sales, booking office then outside sales as a representative at the Qantas Parramatta office. Chris then transferred to the city office. He was then promoted to Account Manager. He then resigned, going into business with his brother owning a motel and hotel at Cowra for approximately 20 years. After selling, he managed several motel businesses around the country still being based in Cowra. Chris retired and he and his wife, Carol moved to Gosford to be near there daughter Samantha and grandson, Harry. The following was received from a former colleague of Chris. Summarise the character that was Chris Palmer. A humble quietly spoken true gentleman, always a smile and in the latter years when he suffered most he never complained and did everything to gain more time with Carol, Sam & his many friends. Many years ago I was the QF rep in WOL .... I played Comp Squash B1 devision for a local Illawarra team. I thought I was fairly fit & a reasonable player soo over a few beers in Syd we set up a challenge one evening.... GORDON squash Courts , Sat morn in 2 weeks time. He offered me 8 start each game ...but not me. zero terms/ thank you.,. He gave me the biggest thrashing ever, 27 - 0 . I learnt my lesson.. but loved it & reflect. I will miss you Chris. Suffer no more my friend. Justin Horan.

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