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David (Jacko) Jackson





Home City:


Date of Passing:


The following is part of what was received from Jacko's partner, Jeanette McInnes:

Good evening, Team. I'm writing to let you know that one of your keen Red Tail Reunion & TAA 25 Year Club members, David 'Jacko' or 'Action Jackson' Jackson died at around 11.30pm last night (Friday 3 Feb. 2023) in his bed in Cairns. I was his partner since 1997. He was born in Boonah on 1 June 44 and joined TAA after his first job, at the Bank of New South Wales. Jacko did various jobs like check in & flight attendant (that was out of Mackay) in a range of places like PNG, Darwin, Adelaide, Mackay & Cairns. He was in Darwin when Cyclone Tracy hit, which affected him deeply. Although he got retrenched by Qantas (approx. 1997), he was seriously loyal, kept all his Qantas name badges, etc. and enjoyed going on Red Tail Reunions & 25 Year Club meetings & lunches. I would be delighted if you could inform Red Tail members in your newsletter,
or whatever you have and pass on news of his death to the 25 Year Club. Feel free to contact me if you need to or want to. Regards, Jeanette McInnes.

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