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From Pat Williams (Reunion Director Vic)
Dennis lived and breathed QANTAS. He loved his QF 'family' and was loved back by all who ever met or worked for him. He was my manager at 233 Collins Street in the late 80s and if it wasn't for him and my other manager at the time, Ken Fearnley I would not have been set up on a blind date to meet Graeme, then Res Mngr VIC whom I subsequently married and had 2 children with. So, literally, I owe him my life!! dear friend who regularly called me in the past 12 years just to check I was doing okay after Graeme passed away. I'm sure they'll have had a pint or 6 by now!

from the Victoria Red Tail Patron, Rod 'Chirpa' Robson

As Qantas’ Manager Victoria all the Melbourne based staff were vitally important to me. However one I was particularly fond was Dennis.
Several weeks ago I sent him a letter encompassing all that I thought he achieved and contributed at MELQF.
Winding back; I appointed Dennis as a Reservations Sales Agent in the mid part of 70’s. If I (exactly) recall his intake included Bronwyn MacLeod & Vicki Cornell – what a fabulous threesome to come-on-board MELQF....!
Very early in his MELQF time, I observed what a steady, personable and trustworthy individual Dennis was. I noticed staff constantly seeking his advice; either to straighten out a complicated reservation or Air Tariff procedure or to gain a piece of wisdom.
He had the role as 230 Collins Street Union Delegate for the Federated Clerks Union for some years. In fact I trusted him so much I would arrange to privately meet and discuss company/staff inter-related issues – never once did he compromise the entrusted information I shared with him.
When Dennis commenced at MELQF he was an avid Collingwood supporter . Upon returning from O/S (1985) to take the position of Manager Victoria; one of the tasks I felt I had was to convince Dennis to swap to North Melbourne (“the Kangaroos” - we had just become their major sponsor). He found it difficult to betray his long-held love of Collingwood. I persevered using all types of spurious reasons why he should support the Kangaroos. Finally I got a telephone call that said “Boss; I’m coming on board”. He remained loyal to the ‘Roos thereafter. That is the measure of the person; loyal, steadfast; devoted, dependable, faithful.
In his whole MELQF career, Dennis exhibited charm. He was one Qantas staff member who added value to the company’s outcomes in Victoria; immensely respected by fellow staff; unfailing; abiding; sincere; open. Above all else; a bloody good bloke who’s conversation & company I valued at MELQF.

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