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Ian McDonnell


Traffic and Marketing



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Zack or Macca as he was more generally known, started with Qantas as a Traffic Officer, but was called to the colours soon afterwards when his birthday was drawn in the Conscription Lottery, that annual event really concentrated the minds of most of Australia’s 20 year olds.

He served around S.E. Asia, and returned to Traffic when he was demobilised, must’ve been 1969 or 1970.

He was appointed one of 7 Traffic Instructors around this time to support the massive recruitment happening to staff Sydney’s and Melbourne’s new Terminals, and the intro of the 747.

We worked at Tullamarine together for 2 months with the new staff, and again at Nadi where the recruitment was to increase the staffing for the 747’s intro – PA first and Qantas later. We shared a flat in Rushcutter’s Bay for a year around this time.

Zack and I went on the Posting circuit soon afterwards and I sort of lost touch with his progress but know he moved into Corporate at some point, as this photo attests.

Zack is 2nd from right, back row.

He was a good bloke and a good friend, with a dry and laconic Queenslander’s way. I’ll miss him.

Macca had surgery a year ago for a very aggressive brain tumour. Prognosis wasn’t good but he hung in there. They’d just finished renovating the family bathroom to accommodate his mobility problems, and he came out of respite care last week, but had a couple of falls and went back into care. Deteriorated rapidly. Funny bloke. Had lots of laughs together.
Sad times.

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