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Peter Schaap





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Date of Passing:


Peter was one of our earliest Junior Commercial Trainees.

The JCT Scheme was formulated and commenced in June 1959. However, it retrospectively included all 'office boys' who had joined QF since January 1958.

As Peter joined Qantas on 10 December 1958, he was automatically included as one of these original JCTs.

He had a very varied career in the commercial division which often took him away from Sydney on assignments and posting in a wide variety of roles. This included Adelaide, Amsterdam and Singapore. He also carried out a significant secondment to Air Pacific in Fiji based in Suva. His younger brother John also joined him there for a period of time, also on secondment.

Peter retired from Qantas in 1995 after working in Jetabout and completing an assignment with Australian Islands Resorts.

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