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Ravind Sharma





Home City:

Los Angeles

Date of Passing:


Ravind's career with Qantas. (As advised by his friend and colleague Jim Prasad).

Ravind joined Qantas in NAN in early 60s.
When I (Jim Prasad) joined QF in NAN in 1966, Ravind was there. My wife and I both worked with Ravind and Siris Chandra in Fiji.

I (Jim P.) moved to US in 1974. Ravind used to visit SFO and discuss moving to US and finally he immigrated to US (SFO) towards end of 1970s and rejoined QF in SFO ramp operations for a brief period.
He joined QF Freight and moved to JFK.

When LAX opened, he relocated to LAX as Freight Sales Manager in early 1980.

He was in AKL for a short posting as Freight Manager New Zealand. When he returned to LAX in late 1980 he worked in Freight Operations in the Lufthansa Terminal.

He passed away in Fiji in 1991.

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