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Robert Chambers





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Following information provided about Bob Chambers by Ian Burns-Woods:

I sorely miss my friend Bob Chambers whom I was introduced to by my wife Gabrielle in Melbourne in 1971.

Bob started in Qantas in Reservations at the age of nineteen. He then became a Booking Officer in the Melbourne Ticket Office in 1970 at the age of 21. Next, he was promoted to Qantas Sales Representative Tasmania and resided in Hobart for three years. He subsequently became Sales Manager Victoria.

I reset him in 1978 when I returned from San Francisco to become National Sales Manager Australia. Bob became my Tour Sales Manager Australia, in Sydney. We became a very close team.

We remained close friends after Bob left Qantas to start an Advertising Agency, specialising in classified
Print advertising, in 1979.

Bob later sold the agency and became involved in property development. He subsequently joined a property company in Hong Kong. After returning from Hong Kong, he specialised in Hotel development in Parramatta and Bass Hill.

In Qantas he was an astute operator and his good looks and charm earned him the nickname, “Hollywood Bob”.

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