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Rod Plaister





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Rod Plaister passed away on Saturday, May 8. 2021. He died of Leukemia at his Bondi Junction unit. He had been ill for some time with advancing Dementia as well as the blood cancer that was cause of death. Date of birth, 10th February 1945. Rod joined Qantas on 17th December 1962. He left Qantas 06th February 1992. His appointments included Sales Manager NT from 1975 to 1978. After Darwin, he had various stints including Cairns, Townsville, Bahrain and then Manager Peoples Republic of China , based in Beijing. On 10th October 1991, was appointed to position of Administration Assistant to General Manager QH Tours. He will be missed. Following is a special testimony I received.. Dave Very sorry to receive this news. Rod was the Ticket Sales Supervisor in DRW when I joined CharliQ in 1973. He was very good to me, nurturing me in the Drw Ticket Office.We went through Cyclone Tracey together and the evacuation of Drw. We all competed as the Dashwood Jumbo's in squash, waterpolo and indoor hockey. Rod was adept at both sqush and water polo. I was not so good but he always encouraged me and led the group. We had many a Friday night in the QANTAS single mens quarters "reviewing the weeks activities". In these discussions we had very frank exchanges on both what I was doing right and what areas I could improve on (no breathalyser in those days). I always looked forward to my Friday night tutorial with him. He was a QANTAS man (person) through and through, who always time for you. Another good QANTASie gone to the great departure lounge. I will always have him in my thoughts Daz.”

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